Quick, legal, affordable

All you need is business


Giving your side hustle some get up and go.

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For all your ideas. If you want to share them, protect them.

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Establish and customize entry requirements for your event.

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All you need is family and friends


Borrowing or lending? e-gree.

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Purchase and Sale

The easy way to buy and sell with peace of mind.

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Formalize that friendly wager.

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All you need is relations


Ensure your privacy during (or after) the course of a relationship.

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For couples who wish to set some ground rules for their separation.

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For future financial and personal assurances before marriage.

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Moving in together? Make room for this e-greement.

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All you need is life

  • Accident

  • Allowance

  • Betting

  • Idea

  • Loan

  • Lock

  • Refer

  • Sexting

Protect it with e-gree