Making an event is a complex task to organize. You have to manage a lot of different aspects like production, catering, technical issues and the eternity of others. Usually, all the tasks of the preparation stage are done by professionally qualified parties, like catering companies or technical engineers. In general, it is the matter of work that you get done for your money according to a service agreement you made. Therefore, even though the event preparation stage is challenging, it is more or less regulated. And what about the time when the event it is taking place and your actual guests are arriving? This is when a lot of uncertainty may take place. 

Who are these people you are about to host? If you have a holiday family gathering, you probably know what to expect (though, it still can be brutal). And what is to say about a group of strangers you have never seen before? They are surely a nice crowd, but why not to avoid the stress and protect yourself, your business, your partners, your assets and the very same guests from something that may or may not happen? And the best part – it is pretty easy to do.

If your business is about to welcome members of the public into its premises, you might consider E-gree’s Venue – event entry system. Whether you operate a large sports arena, shopping mall, nightclub, restaurant or local retail store, e-gree’s event and venue services provides a quick and convenient way for you to ensure that all of your guests accept and acknowledge your venue’s rules, regulations, and other terms of service prior to their entry. The procedure is pretty easy and won’t take more than a minute of your guests’ time. Upon registration of your venue with e-gree, we will create a specific QR Code that each of your patrons will use to gain entry to your event.

Here we gathered a list of rules you might include in your venue contract:

  1. It is forbidden to bring any kind of weapons, explosives, flammable materials, as well as poisonous substances into the premises

Even it seems obvious, some people may simply forget they are not allowed to bring any kind of arms into a public event. Reminding them about it can save someone’s life and health. Surely some weapons like a stunning smile or are not that easy to regulate, but for the others you should use e-gree. 

  1. Please retain from bringing any foods and drinks to the venue

That is not just the rule made for your catering honor and sanity, but also a way to prevent an accident. A broken glass bottle brought from outside can cause a lot of harm.

  1. Smoking restrictions

Smokers and people who don’t smoke are of different parts of a battlefield, and you don’t want to get in the middle. Everyone will feel more respected and safer if they know the rules of smoking at your venue. Not even speaking about the safety measures that are related to this.

  1. Covid-19 regulations

The world continues to make strides to slow down the spread of coronavirus. To ensure the safety of the communities and to begin the reopening of the economy, we need to adjust our ways to continue operations while being sensitive to the times. Event regulations regarding guest distancing, venue capacity, table configurations, food service, and cleaning measures should be reflected in your venue entrance rules.

  1. It is forbidden to be in a state of alcoholic intoxication

You surely want your guests to have a great time, but if one of them gets a bit taken away by the open bar, you should have the right to fence in the others.

  1. Respecting the timetable of your event and performance

Let’s say you are hosting a performance or a concert, you don’t want the viewers or artists to be disturbed during the most dramatic part of the act. Indicating the time limits when your guest should enter the venue, will help everyone be on the same page and not to miss the most exciting part of your event.

  1. Case of damage

You have some valuable equipment or assets at the venue? Let’s protect it. Once your guests know that they are responsible for the damage, they might be more careful with things, and you will protect yourself from a loss.


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