Today’s circumstances have seen an increased motivation for couples to choose to live together. Uncertainty in the cities, social distancing, and working remotely have all provided a new impetus for both new and established couples to at least make a go of moving in together. Yet, Couples who move in together for any reason will face many of the same potential legal issues as couples who marry. So, it is imperative for those who decide to share living quarters to secure their respective rights prior to taking the plunge. This e-greement does just that. It provides couples with a quick and easy way to catalog their respective personal property and to set forth their shared and individual financial and household responsibilities. So, if you and your partner are getting serious about shacking up- for whatever reason and for however long-then sit down together, select this e-greement, and soon you will both be resting easy under your one roof.

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Ensure your privacy during (or after) the course of a relationship.

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For couples who wish to set some ground rules for their separation.

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For future financial and personal assurances before marriage.

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