If you provide creative contributions or other services on a project or short-term basis – or if you hire such contributors – then use this e-greement to secure your rights. This e-greement is designed for a wide variety of projects and work-for-hire situations and contains the necessary elements to ensure that you will be paid for your work and that the rights to your work and the scope of its use will be properly assigned. So, whether it’s Blog Posts, Freelance Writing, Editorial Contributions, Content Creation, or consulting services, whenever and wherever you work for hire, this e-greement works with you.

Other business contracts


For one-time business referrals or ongoing arrangements.

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Establish and customize entry requirements for your event.

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Secure the future right to purchase almost anything.

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Share your files. Just don’t give them away.

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Share content from your event, with your guests’ permission.

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Keep business & personal information private, with employee confidentiality.

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For your business. If you have to disclose it, protect it.

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For all your ideas. If you want to share them, protect them.

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