If you’re an idea person, this e-greement is for you. Whether it’s a proposal for a new business, invention or nifty consumer product, or a pitch for a movie, book or television series, bring this e-greement with you. Ask potential investors, manufacturers and/or producers to sign this NDA, so you can confidently concentrate on getting your idea off the ground.

Other business contracts


For one-time business referrals or ongoing arrangements.

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2139 signed


Establish and customize entry requirements for your event.

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2072 signed


Giving your side hustle some get up and go.

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2601 signed


Secure the future right to purchase almost anything.

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Share your files. Just don’t give them away.

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Share content from your event, with your guests’ permission.

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Keep business & personal information private, with employee confidentiality.

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For your business. If you have to disclose it, protect it.

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