e-gree’s event and venue entry system is for any business that welcomes members of the public onto its premises. Whether you operate a large sports arena, shopping mall, nightclub, restaurant or local retail store, e-gree’s event and venue services provides a quick and convenient way for you to ensure that all of your guests accept and acknowledge your venue’s rules, regulations, and other terms of service prior to their entry. Upon registration of your venue with e-gree, we will create a specific QR Code that each of your patrons will use to gain entry to your event.

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For one-time business referrals or ongoing arrangements.

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Giving your side hustle some get up and go.

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Secure the future right to purchase almost anything.

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Share your files. Just don’t give them away.

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Share content from your event, with your guests’ permission.

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Keep business & personal information private, with employee confidentiality.

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